Nero Multiple Wallboard

The Nero multiple board is provided with two additional leaves to give five different writing surfaces, with options of either green chalkboard or white marker board, which can be doubled up as a projection screen. A tray for chalk, marker and duster is fixed onto the board. Sturdy hinges allow easy handling of the movable surfaces, and the wall mounting brackets allow for easy alignment and removal/shifting of board whenever required.

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Product Specifications

Frame  made from special aluminium framework sections which adequately protect the outer edges of the board, with a steel chalk tray and sturdy hinges for the flaps.


Board  High pressure laminate with a green chalkboard surface, or white marker surface

Measurements & Dimensions


Centre Board  200 x 100 and 240 x 120 cm

Individual Flaps  100 x 100 cm

Open Board Size  400 x 100 and 480 x 120 cm